Recipe for Tomatillos

Yesterday I was at my mom’s house and she had a bunch of ripe chard and a few ripe tomatillos on the vine. She grew the tomatillos to make green salsa, but it’s been SO hot and dry here… nothing grew until now, and 3 little tomatillos do not a bowl of salsa make.

But ~ the do make a great addition to a lovely green juice. :)

Tomatillos are actually a fruit ~ they are used as a vegetable though. They resemble little green tomatoes, but they have a papery sheath around them. When you go to use the tomatillo you want to pull off the papery lining. You’ll find the tomatillo is a little sticky under there. You want to gently wash it off to get off any dirt, and that sticky residue.

Once you’ve got your tomatillos cleaned off you’re good to go.

I’m slightly ;) OCD so when I make my juice I do it in the same order every morning. However, when I’m trying a new veggie in a juice I like to do the new one first so I can taste the juice before it gets mixed in with everything else.

The tomatillos had a sweet but spicy flavor ~ with notes of lemon. It was really kind of nice ~ it reminded me a little of mexican food. Which I suppose is to be expected, since tomatillos originate in South America and are used a lot in Mexican food. :)

Here’s the recipe for tomatillos I put together this morning:

7 large chard leaves
3 tomatillos
1 lemon
4 stalks of celery
2 green apples
1 large cucumber

Juice it all together and serve over ice.

This is a really nice juice. It’s quite similar to the Mean Green I make most mornings. However, the chard has a bit more mellow flavor than Kale, and the tomatillos added a little twist to the flavor. Very refreshing and quite nice for breakfast.

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