Grocery List for 5 Day Veggie Juice Reboot

I put together a grocery list for myself for this first 5 days of my juice reboot. I got most of my recipe ideas and a general idea of what I was going to need from Join the Reboot. Some of the recipes I was a little nervous about so I skipped and added other things in to fill in the gaps.

Shopping for the first five days was a little overwhelming. I decided to go to Sam’s considering I had to get so MUCH… but quickly realized Sam’s didn’t have most of what I needed ~ but got great deals on large quantities of fruits, and some vegetables, which made it worth it.

I then ran to Walmart and was horrified by their produce ~ especially leafy greens which is what I couldn’t get at Sam’s. Tried one more Walmart and still have some things yet to get… but we’ll get there. There’s not really any more room in my fridge, so I guess it’s better I buy some later.

Here’s the shopping list:

Green apples ~ 11 (bought a large bag at Sam’s ~ kiddo will eat these as well)
Spinach ~ 10 C (I bought a large 3 pound box ~ we’ll see how long it lasts)
Kale ~ 55 leaves (I got two big bunches to start ~ that’s all I could find. :( it’s nice and cheap though!)
Cucumbers ~ 7
Celery ~ 32 stalks (got 2 bags of 3 each, I’m thinking it will be enough)
Lemon ~8 (got a large bag at Sam’s will be more than I need, but I also like lemon in my water)
Pears ~ 5 (bought 8 or so knowing other people would eat them as well)
apples ~ 15 (bought 1 bag of red delicious and one bag of fuji at Sam’s knowing others will eat them)
Beets ~ 20 (these were a nightmare. I ended up with 3… just can’t find them. Will try the farmer’s market Sat)
Carrots ~ 25 (got 2 5 pound bags which I think will be plenty and got some baby carrots for the kiddo)
cabbage  ~ 1 head (would be nice if this is good and can be subbed for some other things, cheap and readily available)
Chard ~ 4 cups (couldn’t find any to save my life.)
Tomatoes ~ 20 (got 15 plum tomatoes at Sam’s and a 3 lb container of yellow cherry tomatoes)
Parsley ~ 18 cups (yeah, right. not gonna happen, unless I’m thinking way more for a cup ~ it’s expensive and hard to come by)
jalepeno ~ 4 (no problem!)
radishes ~ 48 (ah, no. got like 16 and that cost a pretty penny, and I emptied out the shelf)
limes ~ 3 (got a whole bag at Sam’s, love lime in my water)
purple cabbage ~ 1 (no problem)
ginger ~ 1 big chunk
strawberries ~ 10 (we love strawberries and I knew I wouldn’t be the only one eating, got a large box at Sam’s)
cilantro ~ 4 cups (got 2 big clumps… it didn’t look so happy) :(
pablano pepper ~ 1 (amazingly, no problem)
sweet potato ~ 1 (forgot this… will get later)
red pepper ~ 2 (ended up getting a 6 pack of colorful peppers at Sam’s)
Orange ~ 1 (had them at home already)
red onion ~ 1 (had it at home already)
fresh garlic ~ 1 (forgot this too, will grab it next time I’m at the store)

As you can see… this is a LOT of produce. I’m hoping I’ll find as the week goes on that I have more than I really needed and some will carry over to next week, but that’s what I’ve got so far. :)

I’ll be posting the recipes, and my progress as I work through the week, so feel free to stop back by!

Do you juice anything I don’t have on the list? Please, feel free to share your tips and ideas.

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9 Responses to Grocery List for 5 Day Veggie Juice Reboot

  1. Twila says:

    Wow.. you are going to need a swcond fridge!! Good luck on this endeavour and have fun!
    p.s. Spinach and chard are pretty much the same flavour in my opinion, I switch them up in recipes all the time.

    • jackielee says:

      I spent a good long time cleaning out the fridge before I went shopping. I threw out all the “condiment” food we’ve had in there forever, like cherries lol ~ who uses those? I think my mom brought them over for Easter for the Ham lol. It was a tight fit, but I got it all in there… then Ryan went and bought a great big watermelon. There was NOT room for that lol.

  2. Hugh says:

    Thank you for publishing this! I was just writing down all this from the reboot site, but thought, “Somebody has had to write this down already?” There you go.

    Luckly, I do have a second fridge. This is a ton of produce! I think once I get into I’ll be able to do a smaller shops throughout the week.


    • jackielee says:

      Hey Hugh…
      If you’re brand new I would seriously suggest shopping a day or two at a time if you can. Pick some juices you want to try and then buy those items. I subbed the v28 juice for some of the ones that had fennel and ended up hating it. Now I have a ton of radishes sitting in my fridge.
      I definitely suggest picking one or two drinks a day and trying them until you can figure out what you like/hate and as the days go on you get a better feel for what you’re really going to need. I’ll tell you I’ve been back to the store at least 3 times this week… I’m on day 5.

  3. Adrienne says:

    For fresh quality produce consider a local Asian mart like H-Mart. They have huge portion sizes for cheap and I found all the veggies called out. I was unable to find certain pears and fennel but I found them at H-Mart…

  4. ben says:

    So how much did you end up spending buying all this produce.

  5. C. Aymold says:

    FYI. Asian markets have everything u need at great prices

  6. rob says:

    what jucer do you use

    • jackielee says:

      Hey Rob,
      I use the cheap juicer from Walmart. :) I really wanted the expensive Breville juicer, but didn’t know if I’d stick with it, or even like it to make such a purchase worth it. My cheapo juicer has been working just fine. :)

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